Rouge Valley Flyers Invitational Sprint and

Middle Distance Racing Pigeon Association




1.        All rules and schedules are determined by the trailer ownership of the Rouge Valley Flyers which consists of John Adams, Ken Wall, and Denis Adams.

2.        Membership consists of ONE flyer per residence (a partnership constitutes one flyer). For example:  Husband/Wife, Father/Son, Friend/Friend.

3.        Each member must have their own separate clock - ONE clock per residence.

4.        Each member must provide the Rouge Valley Flyers Secretary with a complete list of the birds (band numbers – all letters i.e. CU06-RVF-131 – for old birds please include hen or cock) they are flying BEFORE racing begins (both old and young birds) regardless of which type of clocking they are using. Any updates to either manual or electronic bird (band) lists need to be provided to the club secretary immediately. This will ensure that should there be any discrepancies it can quickly be verified.

5.        Regular and Derby or Yearling Races are for current year paid up members only!

6.        Members must pay their series fee (based on the current year advertised rate) no later than two (2) weeks before the first race of each series. Members who join after the series starts must pay the full series cost. There are no refunds of series monies and there is no transferring of monies to another series. Example, you pay for the Old Bird Series and for whatever reason you do not fly – that money is not refundable and cannot be transferred to any other series.

7.        There will be a limit of 20 birds/member (residence) /race for the Old Bird series and a limit of 25 birds/member (residence)/race for the Young Bird series with a 5 bird clocking limit per race for both series. 



·       Single release on a race day = ONE race = 20 bird limit for Old Birds and a 25 Bird Limit for Young Birds

·       Double release on a race day = TWO races = 20 bird limit for each race for the Old Birds and a 25 Bird Limit for Young Birds

8.        Mark Brown measurements are required for all release points.  The Rouge Valley Flyers Secretary will send away for your measurements and will bill you based on his rates. Please note that your commitment to fly – in terms of your series payment - is required before we obtain the measurements. Measurements take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

9.        Members who join after the series starts OR who do not have their measurements available at time of racing will not have their birds included in the race results until the measurements are available.  Example:

·       Birds shipped for race 1 and race 2 but no measurements available until race 3

·       Only birds in race 3 will be included in any results.

10.    Each member of the Rouge Valley Flyers Invitational Sprint and Middle Distance Racing Pigeon Association will receive a copy of all member’s measurements.

11.    The winning bird of the Yearling Race and the Young Bird Derby Race will be verified.

12.    Each club flying with the Rouge Valley Flyers Invitational Sprint and Middle Distance Racing Pigeon Association must provide their results no later than the Monday following the race in order that the overall race results can be finalized. If someone in the club is flying with a manual clock the clock tape and rubber countermarks need to be handed in as well at the same time.

13.    Shipping night is always a Friday unless the weather is forecast to be bad on the Saturday at which time a decision will be made and you will be advised that we will be shipping on Saturday night for a Sunday race. If the race is totally cancelled due to bad weather on that weekend we proceed to the next race on the schedule. The race will not be rescheduled.

14.    If there is any discrepancy with the countermark on the pigeon and the number recorded on the race sheet the affected bird will be disqualified regardless of who is at fault.

15.    If two countermarks are in one hole BOTH BIRDS are automatically disqualified.

16.    Overall race results will be provided at the next shipping date for the previous race.

17.    All results will be included in the C.U. Year Book.